House building


@Floppy - over 7 years ago

The author didn't add any more detail


@Xyleneb - over 7 years ago

One idea on this: seize any lot that has been vacant for four decades. If the private sector doesn't want any utility, then the public will take it.


@Floppy - over 7 years ago

Hm, nice idea. Pop it in an edit?


@philipjohn - over 7 years ago

Yep, sounds interesting. We currently have this on empty properties:

Empty Properties Residential properties that have been empty for more than 12 months will automatically attract a 100% increase in council tax.

A landlord of a property that has been unoccupied for 12 months or more can, once the property has been occupied for 12 months or more, claim a 6 month rebate on the council tax paid before the property was occupied.

Government-backed lending schemes will be offered to landlords with unoccupied residential properties that require refurbishment or repair in order to get them back into use.

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