Overseas citizens vote for life & regional representation


@Julia1414 - almost 7 years ago

Change the 15 year restriction for overseas citizens to a vote for life. Allowing british citizens who care about what happens in the UK, and whose rights abroad are dependent on their citizenship, to have a say in UK democracy.

Introduce regional representation for overseas citizens into the House of Commons. At least one MP per continent would be a great place to start and would help give a voice to the 8% of British citizens living overseas.


@Floppy - almost 7 years ago

Ah, I thought this was in as a proposal @Julia1414 :)

You can make the change directly at https://votebot.openpolitics.org.uk/edit/master/elections.md and pop that text straight into the elections page; then it will pop up for voting properly :)

Is that OK?

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This is just a suggestion for a proposal, not a completed proposal. It should be turned into a proper proposal by editing the original document. Debate and voting can then happen there.

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