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We will investigate a form of compulsory purchase aimed at important scientific advancements that would then place those advancements under an open license, encouraging wider use at lower cost.

Of huge importance to the investigation will be the need to establish a method of compensation that the scientific community can trust. Avoiding a chilling effect is essential - the comulsory purchase should be there to aid the adoption of advancements, not stifle research in the first place.

Encourage Diverse and Ambitious Scientific Research in Academia

Exploit the wide range of expertise in the full range of academic institutions by reducing the research councils emphasis on centralizing research in a few large institution.

Make research proposals fully anonymous during review to remove both intentional and unintentional bias due to the individual proposer or proposer's institution.

Reduce the level of bureaucracy at the research councils in order to free up funding for more research.

Investigate the possibility of using online communities to perform more robust and wide-ranging reviews of scientific research project proposals.


@mjnaber - over 6 years ago

Encouraging ambitious and diverse scientific research in academia