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How can we improve the democratic process, and citizens' engagement with it?

How can we improve the democratic process, and citizens' engagement with it?

Allow for full and proper recall of MPs: any e-petition to recall their MP supported by 20% of all registered constituency electors should trigger a local referendum (yes/no majority vote required) as to whether to hold a fresh bi-election.

Introduce an 'None of the Above' box on all ballot papers to formally and positively register abstention.

Introduce voting by proportional representation (Single Transferable Vote) in all General and Local Elections.

Limit all donations and loans to political parties, campaign, lobbying and interest groups to a maximum of £5,000 from individuals and groups.

Create an elected Upper House of Parliament for single 15 year terms, with the explicit purpose of revising and improving (not vetoing) legislation initiated by HM Government in the House of Commons.

Require all MPs to publish details of any meeting with any individual or group who is not a constituent.

Devolve all legislative powers currently enjoyed by the Scottish Parliament to equivalent devolved Parliaments in England, Wales and (eventually) Northern Ireland. The UK Parliament to retain control over macro-economic, foreign, and defence policy.


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I suspect there will be more thinking around the upper house, but this is a good start.


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Excellent proposal


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Right, merging this as we have a few agreements.