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Everyone has ideas about the future - why not add yours? Perhaps you can see something on here you disagree with? Nothing on this site is set in stone - everything and anything is up for discussion, amending, or changing entirely. Your contribution doesn't have to be huge - everything helps!

We are currently not a registered political party, and do not know if we intend to become one, but we are aiming to have a complete-enough manifesto to be able to support candidates (either within a party or independent) in the 2015 general and local elections.

This is a nonp-partisan project, and we invite all political parties and candidates to adopt this Manifesto of policy ideas. We're really pleased that Something New are the first political party to do so, and we hope others will soon follow. The list of candidates standing for election who have openly pledged to adopt the Open Politics Manifesto can be found here.



@PaulJRobinson - over 6 years ago

A paragraph setting out that the Open Politics manifesto is independent of Something New. It's important that readers/contributors understand that by joining Open Politics, they aren't necessarily endorsing or joining Something New.


@philipjohn - over 6 years ago

The reference to SN could be seen as favouritism, I think (that is, of course, in a future utopian world where there are loads of parties/candidates using the manifesto!) and isn't strictly necessary, but the link to the candidates page is worthwhile and we should of course list SN candidates there.


@Floppy - over 6 years ago

No, I think it's OK - it simply mentions that it's the first. That's OK for now. However, it does have two ps in ppartisan :)



@philipjohn - over 6 years ago

Yeah, you're right actually :) I'll stop being pedantic about this 👍