An open registery of land ownership



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The central bank will be required to consider the reduction of inequality (as measured by the GINI coefficient) when formulating monetary policy to balance its existing remit of maintaining price stability and inflation at 2%.

[^1]: Stop Secret Contracts

Land Ownership

Follow recommendations regarding transparency in the Lyons Housing Review - "To ensure greater transparency in the land market, the Land Registry should open up land ownership information to the public in a similar manner as the property price paid data set and make it a legal requirement to register land option agreements, transactions and prices."


@digitalWestie - over 5 years ago - "The Land Registry records the ownership of land and property and has registered 82% of the land in England and Wales with more than 23.5 million titles. However, as evidence to the review highlighted, there is limited public access to this information and no requirement to register land options."

"Greater transparency about ownership, options and transactions would deliver a number of important benefits that would result in better operation of the land market. "

Let's open this up. Hopefully this will prevent land grabs of common land, and discourage supermarkets buying bits of land just to prevent competition.


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Great idea! 👍


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More or less I'd propose everything else in the report... but I should get back to work!


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