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@PaulJRobinson - over 7 years ago

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What policies should we propose to maintain a competitive economy that provides sufficient employment?

What policies should we propose to maintain a competitive economy that provides sufficient employment?

Ensure worker-owned cooperatives and mutuals are given priority with all government contracts.

Investigate viability of moving from an income-assessed direct taxation to wealth assessed direct taxation. Those who earn significant salaries but do not accumulate wealth or assets beyond a single property (ie ensuring a genuine 'trickle-down' to the service industries) should be taxed less. This means hard-work is still encouraged, high-earners are not forced abroad, but those who sit on vast sums of accumulated wealth would be penalised instead.


@Floppy - over 7 years ago

I'd want to look at the taxation thing in more detail, as I don't quite follow it, but as you say 'investigate', I'm happy 👍


@frankieroberto - about 7 years ago

Not sure this should go in – taxing businesses based on revenue would be crazy, as margins can vary hugely from business to business, and allowing pre-tax personal expenses would massively reduce the tax take.

Needs more thought I reckon.


@Floppy - about 7 years ago

I'm confused - this PR doesn't discuss changes to business taxation as far as I can see.


@Floppy - about 7 years ago

@frankieroberto is your objection above based on the change in this PR, or on the text currently in https://github.com/openpolitics/manifesto/blob/gh-pages/economy.md#business? That's a different thing...


@timcowlishaw - about 7 years ago

Definite 👍 to giving co-ops and mutuals priority for public tenders. Not sure I follow the taxation thing entirely, and I'm conscious that we're approaching taxation in a rather piecemeal manner, with elements of tax policy in several unrelated PRs. Perhaps a new PR for an overall discussion of tax policy would be good?


@Floppy - about 7 years ago

Agreed that taxation should probably be gathered together and reviewed as a whole in another PR. Merging this one now though, as agreement is reached.