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@LeilaCCG edited manifesto/ - over 6 years ago

Introduce a tax on financial speculation, commonly known as a "Robin Hood Tax". We will do this by joining the proposed EU Financial Transaction Tax[^1] system, which is planned to start in 10 countries across Europe during 2016 (including France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Spain and Estonia). We would also work with international organisations to broaden such a regime beyond the EU.

Remove Tampon Tax

Tampons should not be considered a luxury item and should be considered a necessity

Social Security

We will support research into a universal basic income and its effects on society and the economy, with the aim of eradicating poverty and providing a basic standard of living for all.


@iconoclast86 - over 6 years ago

Tampons are taxed because of EU law. Once VAT has been applied to an item it cannot be removed entirely. I suspect an EU treaty might have to be amended to pursue this.


@Floppy - over 6 years ago

Yes, this is an EU thing. However, I think we should have it in, and state that it requires negotiation within the EU (which we already mention for VAT more generally). I'll add the EU note once this goes in. 👍 from me.