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@theEconomicParty edited manifesto/ - over 6 years ago

Encourage the Advertising Standards Authority to tighten regulations around the use of pseudo-scientific language and terminology for the promotion of cosmetic, toiletry, food or other products, without sufficient evidence.

Ban the use of Photoshop in advertising.

Impose weight regulations for models (BMI18+) to ensure that models aren't causing body image issues within the population. A punishment of 2 months jail to the employer and a fine of £2000 to the company would be used as a sentence for breaking this regulation.


@Floppy - almost 6 years ago

The intention here is noble, but is this (a) proportionate or (b) a matter for a government manifesto? Should the policy instead be to ask the ASA to include something like this in their guidelines?


@philipjohn - almost 6 years ago

We had something similar a while ago, IIRC, and rejected because it didn't seem like the manifesto was the right place.