Tax treatment of industrial scientific and technical (engineering) research



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@tkvad edited manifesto/ - almost 9 years ago

The UK should spend at least 0.8% of GDP on scientific research and development[^1]. 0.8% is the average amongst the G8 countries, and as of March 2015, the UK spends less than 0.5%[^2], one of the lowest in the G8.

Implement a favourable tax regime for private sector investment in scientific and technical research

Compulsory Purchase in the Public Interest

Patents and other forms of IP are used exercised for many globally important scientific and medical examples. Such protection is necessary for the organisations that produce the advancements, as they need to recoup the costs. A side effect, however, is that crucial cures and the like are subject to high costs and so spread slower than they perhaps could.


@philipjohn - almost 9 years ago

Reminder: the manifesto is a vision, not a detailed plan of action. If we agree with the principle of a proposal, we should vote for it.


@tkvad - almost 9 years ago

Yep what exactly the tax treatment is will depend on what is affordable, my intention is just to embed the idea that is good idea for the private sector to do research and as a government we'd support that with cash help.


@Floppy - almost 9 years ago

👍 on the principle as well from me.