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@Oeokosko - over 5 years ago

See no need to even consider it in school - parents can and will organise R.E. themselves.

@Oeokosko edited manifesto/ - over 5 years ago

State-funded faith schools will also lose their exemption to equalities legislation, preventing them from practising religious discrimination in their employment policies.

Religious education (R.E.) will also be reviewed, starting with research on the current state of R.E. and followed by a consultation to include all interested parties on whether to keep R.E., reform it, or replace it.

Religious education (R.E.) will be replaced by Philosophy and Comparative Religion, and content in other subjects that is based on religious beliefs which are divisive (such as homosexuality) or not scientifically valid (such as creationism) will not be allowed.

Scottish authorities will no longer be legally obligated to appoint unelected religious representatives to school boards. Instead, elected councillors will be appointed by a vote of the full council.


@tkvad - over 5 years ago

I agree with Oeokosko, this is matter for individuals, not something for government to get involved with


@Floppy - over 5 years ago

👍 from me also, I think specific religious instruction is best kept outside school.


@Floppy - almost 5 years ago

@Oeokosko thanks for this! Sorry the merge has stalled for so long; after the election everyone was very tired, I think, and we've been away a while :)

I'll merge this in, but can I get you to please agree to the CLA at Thanks :D