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@andrewdwilliams - over 6 years ago

Added a section on private military and security companies. Said we should establish a regulatory body for them in the UK and also push for an international regulatory body/set of statute. I'm considering adding something about making spending on PMSCs transparent.

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What level of military capability should we maintain? What role does our military have?

Nuclear Disarmament

The United Kingdom should take a role as international leader in pursuit of global nuclear disarmament, beginning with a promise to discontinue its own existing nuclear arsenal following any reforms of its conventional forces necessary for the United Kingdom to meet its security needs and international obligations. The United Kingdom should be resolutely opposed to horizontal and vertical nuclear proliferation in all forms and lead by example in pursuit of a world free of nuclear warheads and delivery mechanisms. The UK should follow the example set by New Zealand in declaring itself a nuclear arms free zone including its waters.

Defence Budget

Reviews of defence budgets should be tied to a review of commitments, not just expenditure, to ensure that UK Armed Forces are properly equipped and trained for role our defence and foreign policies are demanding of them.

Private Military and Security Companies

We will establish a regulatory body for private military and security companies (PMSC) registered in the UK. All PMSCs will be required to register with this body and they will then either receive approval to operate as a PMSC or not. PMSCs will have to seek approval with the regulatory body before accepting operational deployments. A list of private military contractors that have been killed whilst in the service of these PMSCs will also be collated and published annually.

We will push for an international regulatory body and statutes for PMSCs around the world, possibly administered through the UN. The international body could potentially incorporate both the Montreux Document and the International Code of Conduct for Private Security Service Providers.


@h2g2bob - over 6 years ago

👍 I imagine most are secretive and would go offshore if regulated (even if lightly regulated), but that is probably still a positive step.

adding something about making spending on PMSCs transparent

And forbid the MoD from hiring unregulated PMSCs?


@anilliams - over 6 years ago

I know, but then again, it could be good kudos for them if they're clearly on a list of regulated companies that operate ethically. It could see them potentially getting more contracts because of it. So it's not a lose-lose for them. That's also why I put in the bit about working towards an international treaty.

What I was thinking about adding was something about making how much money the government spends on contractors transparent. But that could potentially be a security risk, particularly if they're being used on an active operation.