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@andrewdwilliams - over 6 years ago

Just a little policy on expanding the role of the IPCC to include oversight of security companies such as G4S that have been contracted by the government.

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title: "Crime & Justice"

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What policies should we adopt to ensure a fair justice system?

Capital Punishment

We are opposed to the death penalty for all crimes, and would vote against any

All frontline Police officers will be equipped with personal cameras for the potential reduction in complaints and violence[^1]

Independent Police Complaints Commission

Expand the role of the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) to include all security companies that have been privately-contracted by the government, such as G4S.


A single, secular oath will replace the current options for witnesses in all court proceedings.

Specifically outlaw 'religious courts'.

Specifically outlaw religious courts, such as Sharia Law courts, by banning their operations within and outside the legal system. Support the One Law for All campaign.[^2]

Implement rigorous protection regimes for whistleblowers.

A review will be carried out into the composition of juries, especially for complex trials.

[^1]: Wearing a Badge, and a Video Camera - New York Times


@Floppy - over 6 years ago


Note for reviewers - the section on Sharia courts is already in, that's an editing artefact. Just look at the IPCC section.


@h2g2bob - over 6 years ago

👍 Seems sensible. How are they currently regulated? Is it just the HSE?