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How can we improve the democratic process, and citizens' engagement with it?


Allow for full and proper recall of MPs: any e-petition to recall their MP supported by 20% of all registered constituency electors should trigger a local referendum (yes/no majority vote required) as to whether to hold a fresh bi-election.

Introduce an 'None of the Above' box on all ballot papers to formally and positively register abstention.

Introduce voting by proportional representation (Single Transferable Vote) in all General and Local Elections.

Party Funding

Limit all donations and loans to political parties, campaign, lobbying and interest groups to a maximum of £5,000 from individuals and groups.

Lords Reform

Create an elected Upper House of Parliament for single 15 year terms, with the explicit purpose of revising and improving (not vetoing) legislation initiated by HM Government in the House of Commons.


Require all MPs to publish details of any meeting with any individual or group who is not a constituent.


Devolve all legislative powers currently enjoyed by the Scottish Parliament to equivalent devolved Parliaments in England, Wales and (eventually) Northern Ireland. The UK Parliament to retain control over macro-economic, foreign, and defence policy.

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What policies should we propose to maintain a competitive economy that provides sufficient employment?

Income Tax


Income Tax

The personal income tax allowance will be set at the level of a full time living wage (currently £14,458.50 based on 252 working days of 7.5 hours per day at £7.65) and will rise inline with the living wage.

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What policies should we propose to protect our environment?

Policy: Nationwide programme of home insulation installation

Home Insulation

It’s widely acknowledged that insulation (eg cavity wall or loft) is the biggest, quickest way of improving the energy efficiency of the nation's housing stock.

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We have a "free at the point of delivery" National Health Service and for good reason - a healthy population is a productive population, and that reaps benefits for all. That does not however extend to an area of our health that influences our ability to eat and drink and that when not maintained adequately can lead to cancer. Care of the mouth and teeth should be brought fully under the National Health Service and free at the point of delivery, sweeping away the often prohibitive costs for the poorest in society and ensuring that our world class health care system continues to beat it's international counterparts in keeping the nation in good health.

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What level of military capability should we maintain? What role does our military have?

Nuclear Disarmament

The UK should commit to not renewing the Trident Nuclear Deterrent in order to ensure it can afford sufficent conventional defence forces.

Role of UK Armed Forces

UK Armed Forces should be structured to focus on humanitarian, peace-keeping, peace enforcement, maritime search-and-rescue, mine and explosive ordnance clearance, anti-piracy, and counter-terrorism operations as well as providing support to UK emergency services during natural and civil disasters.

Parliamentary Oversight

All foreign deployment of UK Armed Forces, as well as the use of UK Special Advisors and the provision of military support in foreign conflict zones, should be subject to Parliamentary approval.

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