Expand UK airports and make them carbon neutral.



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Network Rail, the Highways Agency, train operating companies and bus operating companies would all be required to become National Infrastructure Organisations (NIOs) under a policy to ensure that infrastructure which is essential to a functioning society is not solely operated for the benefit of private shareholders, but in the national interest.

End UK airport expansion

Expand UK airports and make them carbon neutral

Until the aviation industry is carbon neutral, there will be no further expansions (such as new runways or terminals) of any UK airports, and capacity shall be capped at roughly current levels.

Both Heathrow and Gatwick would be allowed to build a new runway. Other UK airports would also be allowed to expand. All flights taking off or landing in the UK after 2029 must be carbon neutral.



@Floppy - over 4 years ago

The intention of the original wording here was to attempt to force a move to sustainable transport. As far as I know, there is no realistic option for carbon-neutral air travel on the table - unless that's changed?


@blewis99 - over 4 years ago

In the original wording airport expansion would be blocked until the aviation industry is carbon neutral. This would prevent jobs from being created, cause air fares to rise (making air travel only possible for the privileged few) and could endanger the UK from being cut off from important parts of the world. It would take time for a carbon neutral fuel (probably a carbon neutral biofuel) to replace current fuel on all flights taking off or landing in the UK, I believe 2029 is a reasonable target. The changes made will avoid the consequences listed above whilst still forcing the aviation industry to move to a carbon neutral fuel.