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Markets are a tool for society, not as the primary reason for it. The economy should work for everyone, not just billionaires, hedge funds and investment banks. Excessive rent-seeking (gaining wealth from from financial speculation and intellectual property) increases inequality. In the short to medium term, we seek to rebalance the economy to reduce this by ensuring wage income is closer to rentier income.

National Investment Bank

Re-nationalise the UK Green Investment Bank and rename and restructure it as the National Investment Bank (NIB). The NIB will also be merged with the Public Works Loan Board and the Infrastructure and Projects Authority.

The NIB shall be capitalised with £20 billion, drawn primarily from the sale of the government’s shares of private banks following the financial crisis, the removal of subsidies for fossil fuels, and the existing funds held by the UK Green Investment Bank.

The aim will be to raise £500 billion in investment over the next 20 years and invest that into infrastructure and technology.

The NIB will target particularly deprived or underfunded regions, and local authorities will also be able to make the case for investment in their region.

Minimum Wage

The minimum wage should be set to the same value as the living wage (currently £14,458.50 based on 252 working days of 7.5 hours per day at £7.65), and automatically adjusted in line with that figure.


@andrewdwilliams - over 3 years ago

Taking what I wrote at #442 and putting it into a proposal. It turns out this is very similar to a policy proposed by Corbyn, but that was not on purpose. I'm primarily basing the idea on the Environmental Audit Committee's 2012 report about what the Green Investment Bank should be - ie this If we're happy with this, we can incorporate how we would use the NIB into our already existing policies.


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Looks good 👍