Abolishment of Nude Body Scanners



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Until the aviation industry is carbon neutral, there will be no further expansions (such as new runways or terminals) of any UK airports, and capacity shall be capped at roughly current levels.

Get rid of Nude Body Scanners

We believe that other technologies and solutions exist that are able to better serve transport authorities in carrying out their responsibility in the interests of airport and national security.


Commit to investing in cycling infrastructure: dedicated and separate lanes; secure parking; making traffic junctions "cycle-safe"; encouraging shared use of pavements and paths where dedicated lanes are not feasible.


@Floppy - about 3 years ago

👍 on principle, but we should tighten up the terminology to talk about Millimeter wave scanners instead of "nude body scanners". We could say something like:

Stop the use of Millimeter wave scanners for security screening, as well as other devices that reveal in detail the surface of the skin under clothing"

We should also link to the privacy concerns as a footnote - there are some good links in the wikipedia page, including https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Millimeterwavescanner#cite_note-11


@Floppy - almost 3 years ago

Passed, improvement can be made in a separate PR.