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@Floppy edited - over 3 years ago

The simplest way to vote is using the voting interface. Click on the proposal details to see the change, comment, or cast a vote.

Three vote types are available:

Four vote types are available:

|vote|symbol|score| |--|--|--| |Yes|✅|1| |No|❎|-1|


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|--|--|--| |Yes|✅|| |No|❎||


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@Floppy - over 3 years ago

The votebot now supports abstentions, so they need adding here as well as an addition to the voting rules. I've enabled them in the bot already as this is really a non-issue, but if there is a problem with allowing this, I'll roll it back.


@Xyleneb - over 3 years ago

I usually just abstain by dodging the vote like Diane Abbott. What's the difference?


@Autumn-Leah - over 3 years ago

I'm tempted to abstain from this as a joke, but I won't :D Good work re: the abstain vote.

Vote: ✅


@Floppy - over 3 years ago

@xyleneb if someone didn't vote we don't know if they didn't get round to it, or meant not to. It's not compulsory at all, but a way of saying "I'm not voting". A bit like a "none of the above" in elections.


@Autumn-Leah - over 3 years ago

@Floppy Speaking of the abstain vote, you might want to add it to the vote count system on the proposals page since abstain votes don't have a column yet


@Floppy - over 3 years ago

I was wondering about that, whether it will add anything or just add more clutter to those lists. I'll see what it looks like.