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@philipjohn edited elections.md - about 4 years ago

The Electoral Commission and local authorities will be given a new duty to ensure that at least one independent public hustings between all the candidates in a general election takes place, and is promoted to all constituents.

We will end the process of "co-option" whereby, if there is a vacancy on a local council, a number of electors must call for an election for one to be held. If there are no calls for an election a new councillor is "co-opted" (chosen by the existing councillors) as a replacement. Instead, if a vacancy arises, the returning officer must always arrange a by-election within 28 days of the vacancy arising.

Recall of Representatives

Allow for full and proper recall of MPs: any e-petition to recall their MP supported by 20% of all registered constituency electors should trigger a local referendum (yes/no majority vote required) as to whether to hold a fresh by-election.


@philipjohn - about 4 years ago

The electorate should always be given the opportunity to elect a new councillor if a vacancy arises on their local council.


@Autumn-Leah - about 4 years ago

Yeah, this is bullshit, thanks for the addition @philipjohn