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@philipjohn edited - over 5 years ago

Education should be freely available to all to first degree level or equivalent. Tuition fees for university students should be abolished, as university education is of general benefit to society, and should be covered by general taxation.

School Uniform

Individual school uniforms for every school will be replaced with a single national uniform, provided by the local education authority to every pupil at no cost.

State funded, state run

We will end academisation and return all state-funded schools to Local Education Authority (LEA) ownership and control. No school will be permitted to be state-funded without being under the ownership and control of the LEA.


@philipjohn - over 5 years ago

A single national uniform will be a lot cheaper, helping to deliver the real policy here - free school uniforms.


@Autumn-Leah - over 5 years ago

yup sure why not

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@Floppy - over 5 years ago

OK, I see the advantage of free school uniforms. It is worth being more explicit about that being the aim?

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