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@amcewen edited - about 7 years ago

We will also repeal in full the Investigatory Powers Act 2016, which mandates that ISPs log all connection records of UK citizens, and allows the government to lie in court about evidence and the manner through which it was gathered.

We will limit the use of behavioural data collected as people use services[^behavioural-advertising]. Advertising using such data must be targetted strictly to the content, not the user. We will introduce a 30 day time limit on storing such behavioural data and people will have the right to opt out of the collection of that data, while continuing to use the services. We will ban the sale or transfer of behavioural data, including to third-party advertising networks.

Additionally, we will repeal the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000, which mandates that ISPs fit equipment to facilitate surveillance, allows police and other institutions to demand that someone hand over encryption keys or passwords to protected information, and to prevent the existence of interception warrants and any data collected from being revealed in court.

We will oppose any further efforts to introduce blanket retention legislation which compromises the fundamental right to privacy.

[^behavioural-advertising]: "Notes from an Emergency", Maciej Ceglowski, May 10, 2017:


Remove all government-mandated filtering of Internet content, and make censorship by the government unconstitutional.


@amcewen - about 7 years ago

Paraphrased but basically added the set of recommended regulations from Maciej Ceglowski's "Notes on an Emergency" talk at re:publica


@areteh - about 7 years ago

Possibly could take this further: - 14 day limit instead of 30 and/or - Customer can remove all data collected about them before the force expiry date


@ghost - about 7 years ago

I agree with @areteh but I'll put this through and edit after if you wont.

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