No party leader can stand as an MP



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@simonneb edited - almost 7 years ago

We will end the practice of the speaker's constituents being denied representation and a lack of choice in elections. The positions of speaker and deputy speaker will not be filled by MPs, they will be jobs advertised, filled and salaried just like any other.

No party leader, and therefore prospective PM, can also stand as an MP. All constituents should be represented fully by their representative. This would allow party leaders to focus on leading their respective party, whilst also allowing full focus on the role of PM. Any MP who wants to become party leader must resign from their role as MP as a matter of course and trigger a bye-election. During campaigning, their salary will be paid by the respective party, and if successful at election, their salary will be paid for by the state.


Constituency offices of MPs, which quite rightly are publicly funded, should be solely for the use of casework officers, diary assistants etc to assist the MP in dealing with constituency issues. They should not be used for campaigning purposes or for locating agents, campaign managers, or other party officials, and thereby giving a publicly funded electoral advantage to incumbents over challengers.


@simonneb - almost 7 years ago

Allows party leaders to focus on the role of leading their party and, if successfully elected, the role of PM. Constituents get a proper representative in the House of Commons also.


@Floppy - almost 7 years ago

This is in line with existing ideas of separating legislature and executive, and it could start with this. Might need adjusting to fit together with that policy, but I'm in favour of the idea.

Should it be "wants to become" though? Maybe just trigger byelection after leadership contests decide a new leader?

Interestingly, this would prevent me (any many other founders of small parties) ever standing for election again - should there be something to qualify this in major parties only?


@Xyleneb - almost 7 years ago

If your party thinks that they can do both, then why not let them try to do both? Better representation is what's in it for me apparently, but I kinda like how they're expected to prove their worth by being electable somewhere. I can't see there being much to gain from forbidding it.


@ghost - almost 7 years ago

I don't see the issue with a party leader also representing constituents, since the constituents did infact vote for said leader. Them being leader doesn't erase that.

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@simonneb - almost 7 years ago

all good points,this needs some more finessing. i will retract and come back to it later.