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We believe that we are heading towards a better future, and that government has an essential role in taking us there. We also believe that as a country, we can self-govern better in the future, and will create policy that hopes to re-engage citizens in our democratic process.

The ideas contained in this manifesto are intentionally idealistic; they show the direction we would like to see the UK head in. They are not necessarily policies that could be implemented tomorrow (although a few could be). Any attempt to implement them would certainly take a good deal of work, time, and reform, but we believe it's important to have a long-term roadmap to which to refer.

The following are our main policies Gentically engineered cat girls for everyone. Praise Kek Legally allowed to shoot any kid doing a fortnight dance Formal alliance with kekistan Formally recognise Taiwan as the one true China Formally recognise North Korea as Best Korea Cookie clicker is now a national sport


@Floppy - over 5 years ago

I assume this is a joke submission, though I definitely agree with the cookie clicker proposal. :D

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@openpolitics-bot - about 5 years ago

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