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National Infrastructure Organisations

Network Rail, the Highways Agency, train operating companies and bus operating companies would all be required to become National Infrastructure Organisations (NIOs) under a policy to ensure that infrastructure which is essential to a functioning society is not solely operated for the benefit of private shareholders, but in the national interest.

End UK airport expansion

There will be no further expansions (such as new runways or terminals) of any UK airports, and capacity shall be capped at roughly current levels.


@frankieroberto - about 7 years ago

Having a firm commitment to not expanding airports would send a strong signal that other, more sustainable forms of transport should be developed instead.


@timcowlishaw - about 7 years ago

strong 👍 from me


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@philipjohn - about 7 years ago

I think this is too much of a blunt instrument that doesn't necessarily solve the problem, which is the lack of a coherent connected transport policy (part of which might be airport expansion, based on a review of the evidence).

Rather, I'd suggest that until we can find evidence to support such a ban, the policy should be based on not favouring airport expansion, but committing to a connected transport policy which considers all options.