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What policies could improve public and private transport infrastructure?

Removal of Fossil Fuels

Removal of Fossil Fuels

We will decrease emissions from road transport by setting a date beyond which no new fossil-fuel powered vehicles may be sold in the UK.

End UK airport expansion

There will be no further expansions (such as new runways or terminals) of any UK airports, and capacity shall be capped at roughly current levels.


Commit to investing in cycling infrastructure: dedicated and separate lanes; secure parking; making traffic junctions 'cycle-safe'; encouraging shared use of pavements and paths where dedicated lanes are not feasible.


@dangerousbeans - about 7 years ago

Suggest adding:

Put in place clear and simple standards to cover cycle lane design, signage, continuity and traffic signals. Extend existing transport planning requirements to always include these new cycling standards.

Put in place a program to bring existing roads up to these new standards.

Consult with leading cycle planning countries on setting down these standards.


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👍 from me. @PaulJRobinson, do you want to incorporate @dangerousbeans' suggestions here (you can edit in the PR now), or should we do that as a separate PR?


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Merging now. @dangerousbeans, please feel free to open another PR with your suggested improvements!


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