Use of constituency offices for party purposes



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@PaulJRobinson - about 7 years ago

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Limit all donations and loans to political parties, campaign, lobbying and interest groups to a maximum of £5,000 from individuals and groups.

Constituency offices of MPs, which quite rightly are publicly funded, should be solely for the use of casework officers, diary assistants etc to assist the MP in dealing with constituency issues. They should not be used for campaigning purposes or for locating agents, campaign managers, or other party officials, and thereby giving a publicy funded electoral advantage to incumbents over challengers.

Lords Reform

Create an elected Upper House of Parliament for single 15 year terms, with the explicit purpose of revising and improving (not vetoing) legislation initiated by HM Government in the House of Commons.


@philipjohn - about 7 years ago

Is there any evidence of the problem this proposal aims to solve?


@timcowlishaw - about 7 years ago

Could this be rolled into a more general proposal around funding of constituency offices and MPs compensation, such as the one I've outlined here, (but not actually produced yet)?


@Floppy - about 7 years ago

👍 OK for this to go in, and @timcowlishaw can flesh it out further with his thoughts later.


@Floppy - almost 7 years ago

Can we get some more votes on here? @timcowlishaw, want to add a thumb? You can add your enhancements later?


@timcowlishaw - almost 7 years ago

yup yup, 👍 from me!