Open Proposals

This page lists suggested changes to the manifesto. Open proposals are ready for comments and must be voted on before they can be included in the manifesto. You can only vote on proposals if you have already successfully contributed a change to the manifesto.

To create your own proposal:

  1. pick a subject you are interested in,
  2. find a suitable page in the manifesto,
  3. click on the "Suggest a change" button!
State Title

Closed Proposals

State Title
Sex worker rights, brothel regulation, prevention of human trafficking 2599d 2 0 0 Autumn-Leah
Adjustment to manifesto introduction 2599d 3 0 0 Autumn-Leah
Reform of file sharing law 2599d 0 2 0 Autumn-Leah
Government investment in modern networking 2599d 2 0 0 Autumn-Leah
Changing wording for any voters that don't like private property 2599d 4 0 0 Autumn-Leah
Incentivise electric cars used as grid backup storage 2601d 3 0 0 Floppy
Remove right to parody 2601d 2 0 0 Floppy
Fix footnotes in print versions 2601d 3 0 0 Floppy
Making democracy fairer with devolution and a proportional union parliament 2602d 3 0 0 Autumn-Leah
Fixed spelling mistakes and suggested changes to policy that would advance marriage equality 2605d 2 0 0 Autumn-Leah