Open Proposals

This page lists suggested changes to the manifesto. Open proposals are ready for comments and must be voted on before they can be included in the manifesto. You can only vote on proposals if you have already successfully contributed a change to the manifesto.

To create your own proposal:

  1. pick a subject you are interested in,
  2. find a suitable page in the manifesto,
  3. click on the "Suggest a change" button!
State Title
Mainly just testing how live this is 21d 0 0 0 eddowding

Closed Proposals

State Title
End speaker democratic deficit 1513d 2 0 0 philipjohn
Refine school uniform policy with reasoning. 1517d 1 1 0 philipjohn
Majority needed for constitutional change 1517d 1 0 1 philipjohn
Children and Families section 1524d 2 0 0 philipjohn
Don't ban or break encryption 1530d 2 0 0 Floppy
National school uniform 1531d 2 0 0 philipjohn
Free school meals for all primary school children 1531d 2 0 0 philipjohn
Suggested additional detail on nature of cheap, continual improvement courses. 1540d 0 0 0 SimonVery
Abolish PCCs and re-establish Police Authorities 1542d 2 0 0 philipjohn
End Academisation 1542d 2 0 0 philipjohn