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democracy is failing just look at china its moving forward we are in reverse 54d 0 0 0 TerryKing1
Added sections to address missing gaps 72d 0 0 0 pallan51
Added key policies 74d 0 0 1 Periodic-Thunder

Voted on (59):

State Title Autumn-Leah's vote
Decentralisation of taxation areteh
Savings in Governement Procurement and using it to stimulate innovation (in private SMEs) areteh
Use of crypto and local currencies areteh
Added sub section to improve competition and market operation areteh
Added new section about House Building areteh
specification in buisness tax (vs taxes on household) (revnue vs profit) LudovicD
Added clauses about behavioural advertising amcewen
Violent Crime Polygon48k
Multiple Changes Polygon48k
Child Poverty VECTORBOY

Proposed (35):

State Title
Accountability of elected representatives 644d 2 0 0 Autumn-Leah
Wording change 644d 3 0 0 Autumn-Leah
Change to non discrimination principle 644d 2 1 0 Autumn-Leah
Resubmission: Adjustment to arms policy (further edits re: genocide) 644d 2 0 0 Autumn-Leah
Resubmission: Changes to School Uniform Regulations 644d 2 0 0 Autumn-Leah
Resubmission: Equality in Rape Law 644d 1 0 0 Autumn-Leah
Adjustment to arms policy 675d 0 2 0 Autumn-Leah
National School Uniforms, my contentions and regrets 675d 0 0 0 Autumn-Leah
Repealing mass surveillance 728d 2 0 0 Autumn-Leah
Re-evaluation of policy on the PKK 728d 2 0 0 Autumn-Leah