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State Title
Added sections to address missing gaps 10d 0 0 0 pallan51
Added key policies 12d 0 0 1 Periodic-Thunder

Voted on (59):

State Title Autumn-Leah's vote
Child Poverty VECTORBOY
Child Poverty VECTORBOY
Maintain fox hunting ban philipjohn
Generalise the equality section Floppy
Remove local areas Floppy
Add Changing Places toilets in large public places Floppy
End speaker democratic deficit philipjohn
Refine school uniform policy with reasoning. philipjohn
Majority needed for constitutional change philipjohn
Children and Families section philipjohn

Proposed (35):

State Title
Accountability of elected representatives 582d 2 0 0 Autumn-Leah
Wording change 582d 3 0 0 Autumn-Leah
Change to non discrimination principle 582d 2 1 0 Autumn-Leah
Resubmission: Adjustment to arms policy (further edits re: genocide) 582d 2 0 0 Autumn-Leah
Resubmission: Changes to School Uniform Regulations 582d 2 0 0 Autumn-Leah
Resubmission: Equality in Rape Law 582d 1 0 0 Autumn-Leah
Adjustment to arms policy 613d 0 2 0 Autumn-Leah
National School Uniforms, my contentions and regrets 613d 0 0 0 Autumn-Leah
Repealing mass surveillance 666d 2 0 0 Autumn-Leah
Re-evaluation of policy on the PKK 666d 2 0 0 Autumn-Leah