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State Title PaulJRobinson's vote
UK to declare itself nuclear arms free zone digitalWestie
Introduce overseas constituencies tmtmtmtm
Minutes etc should be published much quicker tmtmtmtm
Civil partnerships should be available to straight couples digitalWestie
Provide "maternity box" for newborn babies tmtmtmtm
Strengthen environmental commitments Floppy
Minimum wage Floppy
Recognise Palestine Floppy
Link MP salaries to public sector wages Floppy
3-member STV for general elections Floppy

Proposed (50):

State Title
Delete Recall 2408d 0 0 2 PaulJRobinson
Introduce fixed duration campaign lengths for By-Elections 2409d 2 0 0 PaulJRobinson
Move from Closed Party Lists to STV for European Elections 2409d 2 0 0 PaulJRobinson
Use of Open Primaries for Candidate Selection 2418d 2 0 0 PaulJRobinson
Reform of the UN Security Council 2424d 2 0 0 PaulJRobinson
Abolish Employer's contribution towards National Insurance 2424d 1 1 0 PaulJRobinson
State Honours 2424d 2 0 0 PaulJRobinson
Updated PR on creating a network of electric vehicle charging units 2439d 2 0 0 PaulJRobinson
Updated cycle policy 2440d 4 0 0 PaulJRobinson
Beyond High Speed 2 2440d 2 0 0 PaulJRobinson