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Added section about nationalised sofware company 63d 0 0 0 JoeRourke123
Added a section about state-funded youth centers 63d 1 0 0 JoeRourke123

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State Title PaulJRobinson's vote
Rebalancing the rentier economy Floppy
Lobby internationally against the death penalty Floppy
Reformat the devolution section Floppy
Refine house of lords policy a little Floppy
Reorganise sections Floppy
Lobbying section andrewdwilliams
Creating a British Overseas Territories section andrewdwilliams
Transport: allocate road space to bus lanes h2g2bob
egalitarianism LeilaCCG
secular Remebrance Day andrewedmondson

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Use of constituency offices for party purposes 2647d 2 0 0 PaulJRobinson
Charging points for electric vehicles 2647d 2 0 0 PaulJRobinson
Driverless Vehicles 2647d 2 0 0 PaulJRobinson
Greater cycling investment 2647d 3 0 0 PaulJRobinson
Law protecting the right to privacy from the press 2651d 1 0 0 PaulJRobinson
Updating Our Principles 2651d 2 0 0 PaulJRobinson
Reduce the age of voting 2651d 3 0 0 PaulJRobinson
Enforce car parking charges in Out of Town Shopping Centres 2651d 0 0 2 PaulJRobinson
Calculating Corporation Tax and Income Tax in the same way 2651d 2 0 0 PaulJRobinson
Introduce e-voting at elections, and feasability of direct democracy. 2652d 2 0 0 PaulJRobinson