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State Title Xyleneb's vote
Be more assertive about IPv6 philipjohn
explicitly link drug, alcohol, tobacco and public health themes BT-John
Student unions Autumn-Leah
Fair Use Autumn-Leah
Changing wording for any voters that don't like private property Autumn-Leah
More confident wording, and slight addition philipjohn

Proposed (23):

State Title
Replacing the CoC and it's Concession of Rights 1029d 0 2 0 Xyleneb
Dentistry, slight change in grammar 1071d 3 0 0 Xyleneb
Replace Vehicle Excise Duty and Fuel Duty 2 1077d 0 2 0 Xyleneb
Parliamentary Catering Budget 1094d 0 3 0 Xyleneb
Shared Parental Leave 1096d 2 0 0 Xyleneb
Clarified policy concerning civil partnerships 1096d 3 0 0 Xyleneb
No Cash for Access 1097d 3 0 0 Xyleneb
Free Passage of Big Ben, slight reorganization 1097d 3 0 0 Xyleneb
Abolishment of Nude Body Scanners 1098d 2 0 0 Xyleneb
Some clarification of armed forces policy 1099d 2 0 0 Xyleneb