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State Title
Impose a blocking limit 71d 0 0 0 juukeox
Common sense practical policies that can be implemented. 620d 0 1 2 barriebenson

Voted on (26):

State Title Xyleneb's vote
Be more assertive about IPv6 philipjohn
explicitly link drug, alcohol, tobacco and public health themes BT-John
Student unions Autumn-Leah
Fair Use Autumn-Leah
Changing wording for any voters that don't like private property Autumn-Leah
More confident wording, and slight addition philipjohn

Proposed (23):

State Title
Replace Vehicle Excise Duty and Fuel Duty: The Trilogy 329d 0 0 0 Xyleneb
Private School's VAT Intro Dropped, Requirement to Admit Poor Students Instead 522d 0 1 0 Xyleneb
Partial Military Policy Revamp 530d 0 0 0 Xyleneb
Introduction of the Offshore Assets Tax 540d 0 0 0 Xyleneb
Reduction of the Rationale in Tax Policy 540d 0 3 0 Xyleneb
Egalitarian Ammendment to the Non Discrimination Principle 542d 1 1 0 Xyleneb
War on Weapons 546d 0 2 0 Xyleneb
Small Crime & Justice Repeal 546d 0 1 0 Xyleneb
Replacing VAT with a Luxury Goods Tax 563d 2 0 0 Xyleneb
Moved toilet seat orientation from being no entry to earlier 563d 0 0 1 Xyleneb