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State Title
Added section about nationalised sofware company 24d 0 0 0 JoeRourke123
Added a section about state-funded youth centers 24d 1 0 0 JoeRourke123

Voted on (41):

State Title andrewdwilliams's vote
Tidying up geeksareforlife
Strengthen commitment to basic income Floppy
Remain in the EEA and EFTA post-brexit Floppy
Reducing the carbon emissions of taxis Autumn-Leah
Lords Spiritual Autumn-Leah
Adjustment to manifesto introduction Autumn-Leah
Incentivise electric cars used as grid backup storage Floppy
Fix footnotes in print versions Floppy
Making democracy fairer with devolution and a proportional union parliament Autumn-Leah
Storage of all campaign materials Floppy

Proposed (24):

State Title
National Investment Bank 1474d 2 0 0 andrewdwilliams
Provision for calling constitutional convention 1710d 2 0 0 andrewdwilliams
DRIP Repeal 1710d 4 0 0 andrewdwilliams
Overseas Territories section update 1710d 2 0 0 andrewdwilliams
Remove unnecessary section of foreign policy 1710d 1 0 0 andrewdwilliams
Prime Minister line of succession 1929d 1 0 0 andrewdwilliams
Reducing Corruption in local government 1947d 2 0 0 andrewdwilliams
Expanding the role of the IPCC 1947d 3 0 0 andrewdwilliams
Section on private military contractors 1947d 3 0 0 andrewdwilliams
Lobbying section 1948d 2 0 0 andrewdwilliams