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State Title andrewdwilliams's vote
Correct a spelling mistake philipjohn
Clarified policy concerning civil partnerships Xyleneb
No Cash for Access Xyleneb
Free Passage of Big Ben, slight reorganization Xyleneb
Some clarification of armed forces policy Xyleneb
More confident wording, and slight addition philipjohn
Introduce a right to shelter Floppy
Ban killer robots Floppy
Rebalancing the rentier economy Floppy
Lobby internationally against the death penalty Floppy

Proposed (24):

State Title
National Investment Bank 1268d 2 0 0 andrewdwilliams
Provision for calling constitutional convention 1504d 2 0 0 andrewdwilliams
DRIP Repeal 1504d 4 0 0 andrewdwilliams
Overseas Territories section update 1504d 2 0 0 andrewdwilliams
Remove unnecessary section of foreign policy 1504d 1 0 0 andrewdwilliams
Prime Minister line of succession 1723d 1 0 0 andrewdwilliams
Reducing Corruption in local government 1741d 2 0 0 andrewdwilliams
Expanding the role of the IPCC 1741d 3 0 0 andrewdwilliams
Section on private military contractors 1741d 3 0 0 andrewdwilliams
Lobbying section 1742d 2 0 0 andrewdwilliams