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State Title frankieroberto's vote
Introduce overseas constituencies tmtmtmtm
Make local government local digitalWestie
3-member STV for general elections Floppy
Repeal bedroom tax Floppy
Everything you see is up for grabs PaulJRobinson
Minimum Unit Price for Alcohol philipjohn
Create a written constitution Floppy
Add publications to the national archives philipjohn
Organ donation opt-out philipjohn
Change over to a fully metric system of units Floppy

Proposed (8):

State Title
Reduce copyright term to Life + 50 years and lobby worldwide for Life + 25 years 3634d 3 0 0 frankieroberto
Update 3636d 0 0 0 frankieroberto
Update 3636d 2 0 0 frankieroberto
No more airport expansion 3750d 3 0 0 frankieroberto
City Regions 3750d 0 0 1 frankieroberto
Ending Capital Punishment worldwide 3750d 4 0 0 frankieroberto
Proposed Insulation programme policy 3796d 1 0 0 frankieroberto
Adding Transport category 3801d 0 0 0 frankieroberto