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State Title philipjohn's vote
Remove local areas Floppy
Add Changing Places toilets in large public places Floppy
Tidying up geeksareforlife
Strengthen commitment to basic income Floppy
Remain in the EEA and EFTA post-brexit Floppy
Don't ban or break encryption Floppy
Adding abstain voting Floppy
Repealing mass surveillance Autumn-Leah
Re-evaluation of policy on the PKK Autumn-Leah
Mental Health NHS expansion Autumn-Leah

Proposed (59):

State Title
Rename Code of Conduct file to take advantage of Github feature 1292d 1 0 0 philipjohn
Maintain fox hunting ban 1296d 2 0 0 philipjohn
End speaker democratic deficit 1313d 2 0 0 philipjohn
Refine school uniform policy with reasoning. 1317d 1 1 0 philipjohn
Majority needed for constitutional change 1317d 1 0 1 philipjohn
Children and Families section 1324d 2 0 0 philipjohn
National school uniform 1331d 2 0 0 philipjohn
Free school meals for all primary school children 1331d 2 0 0 philipjohn
Abolish PCCs and re-establish Police Authorities 1342d 2 0 0 philipjohn
End Academisation 1342d 2 0 0 philipjohn