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democracy is failing just look at china its moving forward we are in reverse 22d 0 0 0 TerryKing1
Added sections to address missing gaps 40d 0 0 0 pallan51
Added key policies 42d 0 0 1 Periodic-Thunder
Common sense practical policies that can be implemented. 688d 0 1 2 barriebenson

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Reduce copyright term to Life + 50 years and lobby worldwide for Life + 25 years frankieroberto
Property Rationing PaulJRobinson
Updated cycle policy PaulJRobinson
Property rights are not inalienable otfrom
Use of constituency offices for party purposes PaulJRobinson
Greater cycling investment PaulJRobinson
No more airport expansion frankieroberto
Ending Capital Punishment worldwide frankieroberto
Propose changes to Goods and Services attracting Standard Rate of VAT PaulJRobinson
Quick couple of thoughts PaulJRobinson

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Would we like an IRC channel? I know I would. 1862d 1 0 0 timcowlishaw
A few more background reading recommendations 1862d 3 0 0 timcowlishaw
Abolish capital gains tax. 1862d 2 0 0 timcowlishaw
Add paragraph on proposed remedies to tax avoidance and evasion. 1862d 3 0 0 timcowlishaw
Sufficient employment == full employment? 1862d 0 0 0 timcowlishaw