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Update 70d 0 0 0 pallan51
Common sense practical policies that can be implemented. 811d 0 1 2 barriebenson

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Alternative medicine Autumn-Leah
Amendment to Government Contracts OliverJackson1
Added a new section OliverJackson1
Homeopathy andrewdwilliams
0.8% of GDP for science funding Floppy
Duty to ensure that hustings take place Floppy
Removal of party politics from Town Councils andrewdwilliams
Added new sub section on International Development in Foreign Policy DaveBloke
Update contribution rules Floppy
Added "Austerity Act" hiltona

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Maintain 0.7% GNI commitment to Overseas Development Aid 1584d 2 0 0 tmtmtmtm
Introduce overseas constituencies 1716d 3 0 1 tmtmtmtm
Minutes etc should be published much quicker 1716d 2 0 1 tmtmtmtm
Provide "maternity box" for newborn babies 1717d 3 0 0 tmtmtmtm