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State Title yellowgopher's vote
Expanded religious courts section andrewdwilliams
egalitarianism LeilaCCG
Clarified remembrance secularism slightly Floppy
Typo and changing some language CharlieDelMonte
legalise Humanist marriage andrewedmondson
Added policy on European Parliament. iconoclast86
Examine Beeching Cuts Effects andrewdwilliams
Wage loans for employers who cannot pay a living wage Floppy

Proposed (9):

State Title
School Governance 2067d 0 1 0 yellowgopher
Local schools 2067d 0 0 1 yellowgopher
Education funding changes 2067d 0 1 0 yellowgopher
Retain constitutional monarchy 2156d 0 0 3 yellowgopher
Include all public institutions in the FOIA 2156d 0 0 0 yellowgopher
Various education proposals 2156d 0 0 0 yellowgopher
student president should be non-voting member on governing body 2156d 0 0 0 yellowgopher
Update 2156d 0 0 0 yellowgopher
Clarify text around voting ages 2156d 3 0 0 yellowgopher