National Infrastructure in the National Interest - decentralised models of control/ownership?


@digitalWestie - over 8 years ago

One way to ensure infrastructure is working in public interest is to see ownership (& control) decentralised. The RMT's proposal for railways is 1/3 state, 1/3 worker, 1/3 passenger (i.e. consumer co-op) ownership.

Could this (or something similar) be incorporated into the Community Interest model outlined here ?


@Floppy - over 8 years ago

Mm, that's interesting. I don't see why not. @philipjohn ?


@philipjohn - over 8 years ago

I like the idea!

My preference on this is for the state to not be prescriptive about ownership structure. Ownership isn't the issue.

It's the profit motive that we need to remove. That's why I like the NIO policy because it removes the profit incentive, restoring billions to the public instead of diverted into shareholder pockets, but it doesn't matter who owns stuff, because it will be run in the public interest.

The likely result, of course, is that profit-making providers will simply exit the market and the state will pick that up.

We could perhaps have a separate and more general policy that any state-owned corporations have that 3-way split though?


@digitalWestie - over 8 years ago

+1 to the idea of the general policy

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