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Idea When suggested
Gig economy 9 months ago
Abolish ISAs 9 months ago
Recognise post-mortem privacy 9 months ago
Overseas citizens vote for life & regional representation 10 months ago
NOAH manifesto for animal health 10 months ago
British Ports Association election briefing 10 months ago
FairFuelUK Manifesto 10 months ago
Manifesto for the Horse 10 months ago
Sarah Stein Lubrano's Alternative UK Manifesto 10 months ago
Indy Johar's Alternative UK manifesto 10 months ago
Stella Duffy's Alternative UK Manifesto 10 months ago
Energy / home insulation, hard to insulate homes 10 months ago
Social Economy Alliance: Manifesto for Inclusive Growth 10 months ago
Jewish manifesto 10 months ago
Midwives manifesto 10 months ago
ORG Policy recommendations 10 months ago
FSB Manifesto 2017 10 months ago
UK Homecare Association manifesto 10 months ago
Manifesto for Parking 10 months ago
Trade delegations to include SMEs 10 months ago
End Child Poverty 2017 manifesto 10 months ago
Cats protection: 2022 agenda for cats 10 months ago
Space for cycling 10 months ago
Mind 2017 manifesto - mental health 10 months ago
Born Free 2017 manifesto - wildlife protection 10 months ago
Vote Palestine campaign 10 months ago
Countryside alliance 2017 manifesto 10 months ago
Independent Age 2017 manifesto 10 months ago
BMA manifesto - a vote for health 10 months ago
Bar Council 2017 manifesto: The Value of Justice 10 months ago
Pancreatic Cancer UK 2017 manifesto 10 months ago
Right to Repair about 1 year ago
The Delhi Declaration for a Just and Equitable Internet about 1 year ago
Transport Debate Needed (Fairly) Urgently about 1 year ago
More on local government about 1 year ago
House building about 1 year ago
Arts funding about 1 year ago
Leveson and media plurality about 1 year ago
Israel-Palestine conflict about 1 year ago
Requesting "Business" Section, "Trade" Section, or "Economy & Trade" Section over 1 year ago
Non-Home Office police forces over 2 years ago
National Infrastructure in the National Interest - decentralised models of control/ownership? over 2 years ago
Zero Carbon Britain almost 3 years ago
Reform of monarchy almost 3 years ago
Repeal gagging laws almost 3 years ago
Repeal DRIP almost 3 years ago
Sexual violence almost 3 years ago
Nursing counts manifesto almost 3 years ago
The Terrorism Acts almost 3 years ago
Manifesto for warmth almost 3 years ago
Don't Spy On Us about 3 years ago
Simultaneous Policy about 3 years ago
Environmental priority for treasury about 3 years ago
CASE proposals about 3 years ago
Raise retirement age about 3 years ago
Standardise recycling schemes almost 4 years ago
Lobbying reform almost 4 years ago
Free Speech principles almost 4 years ago
Address-less voter registration almost 4 years ago
Add something about flood management about 4 years ago
Integrate the Commonwealth of Britain Bill proposals about 4 years ago
Better protection for whistleblowers about 4 years ago