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Idea When suggested
Gig economy over 1 year ago
Abolish ISAs over 1 year ago
Recognise post-mortem privacy over 1 year ago
Overseas citizens vote for life & regional representation over 1 year ago
NOAH manifesto for animal health over 1 year ago
British Ports Association election briefing over 1 year ago
FairFuelUK Manifesto over 1 year ago
Manifesto for the Horse over 1 year ago
Sarah Stein Lubrano's Alternative UK Manifesto over 1 year ago
Indy Johar's Alternative UK manifesto over 1 year ago
Stella Duffy's Alternative UK Manifesto over 1 year ago
Energy / home insulation, hard to insulate homes over 1 year ago
Social Economy Alliance: Manifesto for Inclusive Growth over 1 year ago
Jewish manifesto over 1 year ago
Midwives manifesto over 1 year ago
ORG Policy recommendations over 1 year ago
FSB Manifesto 2017 over 1 year ago
UK Homecare Association manifesto over 1 year ago
Manifesto for Parking over 1 year ago
Trade delegations to include SMEs over 1 year ago
End Child Poverty 2017 manifesto over 1 year ago
Cats protection: 2022 agenda for cats over 1 year ago
Space for cycling over 1 year ago
Mind 2017 manifesto - mental health over 1 year ago
Born Free 2017 manifesto - wildlife protection over 1 year ago
Vote Palestine campaign over 1 year ago
Countryside alliance 2017 manifesto over 1 year ago
Independent Age 2017 manifesto over 1 year ago
BMA manifesto - a vote for health over 1 year ago
Bar Council 2017 manifesto: The Value of Justice over 1 year ago
Pancreatic Cancer UK 2017 manifesto over 1 year ago
Right to Repair almost 2 years ago
The Delhi Declaration for a Just and Equitable Internet almost 2 years ago
Transport Debate Needed (Fairly) Urgently almost 2 years ago
More on local government about 2 years ago
House building about 2 years ago
Arts funding about 2 years ago
Leveson and media plurality about 2 years ago
Israel-Palestine conflict about 2 years ago
Requesting "Business" Section, "Trade" Section, or "Economy & Trade" Section about 2 years ago
Non-Home Office police forces over 3 years ago
National Infrastructure in the National Interest - decentralised models of control/ownership? over 3 years ago
Zero Carbon Britain almost 4 years ago
Reform of monarchy almost 4 years ago
Repeal gagging laws almost 4 years ago
Repeal DRIP almost 4 years ago
Sexual violence almost 4 years ago
Nursing counts manifesto almost 4 years ago
The Terrorism Acts almost 4 years ago
Manifesto for warmth almost 4 years ago
Don't Spy On Us almost 4 years ago
Simultaneous Policy almost 4 years ago
Environmental priority for treasury almost 4 years ago
CASE proposals about 4 years ago
Raise retirement age about 4 years ago
Standardise recycling schemes over 4 years ago
Lobbying reform almost 5 years ago
Free Speech principles almost 5 years ago
Address-less voter registration almost 5 years ago
Add something about flood management almost 5 years ago
Integrate the Commonwealth of Britain Bill proposals almost 5 years ago
Better protection for whistleblowers about 5 years ago