Remove charity status from private schools



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@Floppy edited - almost 7 years ago

Scottish authorities will no longer be legally obligated to appoint unelected religious representatives to school boards. Instead, elected councillors will be appointed by a vote of the full council.

Private Schools

We will remove the charitable status from private schools, and make fees subject to VAT, as private schooling is most certainly a luxury.

Discrimination in Physical Education

Under current law, schools are allowed to discriminate between genders and/or sexes via segregation; we consider this unjustified and discriminatory, and would end this practice. As an optional alternative for schools that insist on segregation, we would propose sporting brackets based on age, and/or height, and/or weight and/or proven strength (for example: this could be proven in rugby by picking exercises that affect major muscle groups and counting repetitions of the exercises to form an overall rank). This would be a purely pragmatic option for schools, as these elements play a very real part in things such as contact sports.


@Xyleneb - almost 7 years ago

Do you mind if I one-up this?

"Every paid-for student must in turn completely cover the bursary of a poor student, and in so doing maintain the anonymity of their benefactors, thus cementing the ratio of rich to poor students at 50:50."

If they can still make a surplus after that, they can have it untaxed.


@Floppy - almost 7 years ago

hah, feel free to one-up later, but I'll keep it simple for now :)

(For context, I suggest this as someone who went to a private school, so I've got direct experience)


@Xyleneb - almost 7 years ago

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My school had an "optional donation" every month where the teachers would grill you in front of the rest of the class if you didn't pay up, as if you were taking food out of their mouths and causing a shitty education for everybody.

These exclusive clubs won't work as well once half of the classes are subsidised.