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@andrewdwilliams edited communications.md - almost 8 years ago

All communications (whether physical or digital) by individuals and groups, should be considered private property and free from state surveillance (or surveillance by agents or companies working on behalf of, or at the behest of, the State) without a judicially approved warrant in relation to a specific threat.

We will repeal in full the Data Retention and Investigatory Powers Act 2014 which is in breach of Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights and Article 7 of the European Charter of Fundamental Rights.

We will oppose any further efforts to introduce blanket retention legislation which compromises the fundamental right to privacy.


Remove all government-mandated filtering of Internet content, and make censorship by the government unconstitutional.

Internet Service Providers should treat all network data equally, without restriction or throttling based on the type of content, the content provider, or any other criterion. The appropriate regulatory body (currently OFCOM) would be responsible for enforcing this policy and dealing with breaches.


@andrewdwilliams - almost 8 years ago

Follows on from Issue #339


@Floppy - almost 8 years ago

I'm in 👍


@OliverJackson1 - almost 8 years ago

The right to privacy is the cornerstone of Liberty and Freedom. It is the foundation upon which we build our society. Legislation like this seeks to subvert this and the power of the people. I get so freakin' mad when I read about it! I get even madder(er) when people tell me they don't mind because they have nothing to fear. 👍


@philipjohn - almost 8 years ago

@OliverJackson1 Looks like we might need you to sign the CLA so that you can effectively contribute :)


@philipjohn - almost 8 years ago

@glynnchaldecott I think we need you to sign the CLA for your vote to count: http://www.clahub.com/agreements/openpolitics/manifesto

Looks like this has passed regardless, so merging