Reforming magistrate courts



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@Autumn-Leah edited - about 7 years ago

Specifically outlaw religious courts, such as Sharia Law courts, by banning their operations within and outside the legal system. Support the One Law for All campaign.

Integrate juries into the various magistrate courts, so that everyone, regardless of crime or ability to appeal, may have the right to trial by a jury of their peers.

A review will be carried out into the composition of juries, especially for complex trials.



@Autumn-Leah - about 7 years ago

My motivation for this policy is my utter disgust at the idea that you may merely bribe, coerce, or otherwise convince 3 people of the supremacy of conviction over not, or of the persons guilt through legitimate means or not, and thereby ruin somebodies life, whether that be temporarily or permanently is beside the point.


@Xyleneb - about 7 years ago

I'm sure there is an economic argument to be had here (and it'll cost a lot of money) but I'm not especially interested in it. Trial by jury is one of the few things we have that's worth holding on to.

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@Floppy - about 7 years ago

It should certainly always be an option.

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@anilliams - about 7 years ago

I've not thought about it too much, but this appears to defeat the point of magistrates courts. Either restrict further the gravity of cases that go before magistrates courts or abolish them altogether, so that cases on go in front of trained judges (and juries where appropriate).