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@dangerousbeans - over 7 years ago

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Devolve all legislative powers currently enjoyed by the Scottish Parliament to equivalent devolved Parliaments in England, Wales and (eventually) Northern Ireland. The UK Parliament to retain control over macro-economic, foreign, and defence policy.

Propose a nationwide constituion of basic rights and principles, together with encouraging locally ellected governments allowed freedom to operate within this national framework.

This encourages greater diversity across government and covers situations where people in certain geographic regions face problems unique to these parts of the world, such as harsher snowfall, rural roadways and small island communities.


@PaulJRobinson - over 7 years ago

I like your proposal for a written constitution, although I think we already have a PR proposing that somewhere else - I'll have to check. I do think it's compatible with having a fully devolved (ie Federal) state though.

What is it about a federal system (ie separate Welsh, English, Scottish Parliaments etc governing Health, Education, Justice etc, with a single Westminster Parliament for UK matters) that you think would not achieve your aim of catering for diverse needs in various communities? Would you mind setting out which localities you see your "localised government" being divided into? (ie counties; regions; towns) And also for which subject areas or departments (ie health, defence, taxation etc). At the moment I think devolution is a model that has worked well in Scotland, and I'm happy to see that model replicated in the other nations of the UK. I'd like to learn more about your proposal before backing this PR.

with kind regards, Paul Robinson

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@frankieroberto - over 7 years ago

I agree that it's worth pulling apart the constitution issue from local governments.

Regarding 'locally elected governments', this is a little vague. We already have locally elected bodies of various types. The key questions are what areas of what sizes they cover (counties? cities? villages, scotland/wales/NI?), what powers they have, and how they're elected.


@Floppy - over 7 years ago

Yes, we now have a constitution suggested in a few different places. I'll see if I can separate that one out, which will let us simplify these others. #85 is the other one I can think of immediately.


@dangerousbeans - over 7 years ago

Okay I think I was generating some confusion by misunderstanding the word 'devolution' to mean completely the opposite of what it meant.

To simplify, I'm in favour of devolution within the UK, as in I'm in favour of increasing the control that county-wide government has over their area, together with continuing to allow the freedoms of Wales, England and Scotland, with maybe further scope for island communities and similar.


@Floppy - over 7 years ago

We now have a constitution in the main manifesto, so it could be removed from here. @dangerousbeans, do you want to update this?


@Floppy - over 7 years ago

I think this needs rewriting to take into account changes now in the main branch. We do need a general (and ideally consistent) statement on devolution though.