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State Title
Impose a blocking limit 76d 0 0 0 juukeox
Common sense practical policies that can be implemented. 625d 0 1 2 barriebenson

Voted on (145):

State Title PaulJRobinson's vote
Rebalancing the rentier economy Floppy
Lobby internationally against the death penalty Floppy
Reformat the devolution section Floppy
Refine house of lords policy a little Floppy
Reorganise sections Floppy
Lobbying section andrewdwilliams
Creating a British Overseas Territories section andrewdwilliams
Transport: allocate road space to bus lanes h2g2bob
egalitarianism LeilaCCG
secular Remebrance Day andrewedmondson

Proposed (50):

State Title
Using our financial status to achieve ethical foreign policy 1376d 2 0 0 PaulJRobinson
An end to Consumption and Consumerism 1530d 3 0 0 PaulJRobinson
Invitation to Candidates from other Parties 1535d 2 0 0 PaulJRobinson
Detailing the relationship with Something New 1535d 2 0 0 PaulJRobinson
Federalist Tax Regime 1549d 2 0 0 PaulJRobinson
Terrorist Acts by Britons Abroad 1564d 2 0 0 PaulJRobinson
Criminalising the Distribution of Revenge Porn 1564d 0 1 0 PaulJRobinson
Property Rationing 1689d 1 0 1 PaulJRobinson
Added another alternative to income tax 1713d 0 0 2 PaulJRobinson
Addition to our Principles of Government 1730d 2 0 0 PaulJRobinson