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State Title digitalWestie's vote
An end to Consumption and Consumerism PaulJRobinson
Introduce overseas constituencies tmtmtmtm
Minimum wage Floppy
Recognise Palestine Floppy
3-member STV for general elections Floppy
Purpose of the United Kingdom frabcus

Proposed (12):

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Insert conditions for the de-listing of PKK as violence has returned to Turkey 1525d 2 0 0 digitalWestie
Devolve minimum wage policy 1675d 2 2 0 digitalWestie
De-list the PKK 1681d 2 0 0 digitalWestie
Adopt land value taxation 1802d 1 0 0 digitalWestie
Support worker owned enterprise 1828d 0 1 0 digitalWestie
An open registery of land ownership 1855d 3 0 0 digitalWestie
Parishes and CCs as the seat of LA policy making 1859d 0 1 0 digitalWestie
LA power to encourage/discourage behaviour re: waste collection & recycling 1860d 3 0 0 digitalWestie
UK to declare itself nuclear arms free zone 1862d 3 0 0 digitalWestie
Make local government local 1864d 0 0 1 digitalWestie