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Added a section about state-funded youth centers JoeRourke123
Added new section about relocating parliament jt-nti
democracy is failing just look at china its moving forward we are in reverse TerryKing1
Added sections to address missing gaps pallan51
Added key policies Periodic-Thunder
Added a term limit policy to be debated. ItamarC235
Added soldier welfare section and Innovation Centres policy BrotherSideways
Private School's VAT Intro Dropped, Requirement to Admit Poor Students Instead Xyleneb
Wording change Autumn-Leah
Change to non discrimination principle Autumn-Leah

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Storage of all campaign materials 1953d 2 0 0 Floppy
National Investment Bank 1969d 0 0 0 Floppy
Introduce a right to shelter 1971d 2 0 0 Floppy
Ban killer robots 1971d 2 0 0 Floppy
Rebalancing the rentier economy 1979d 2 0 0 Floppy
Lobby internationally against the death penalty 1979d 2 0 0 Floppy
Reformat the devolution section 1979d 2 0 0 Floppy
Refine house of lords policy a little 1987d 2 0 0 Floppy
Reorganise sections 1988d 2 0 0 Floppy
Remove heading at start of education page 2028d 2 0 0 Floppy